Photo of NIIGON PET 300 preform machine

A fast, service-friendly system for molds with up to 96 cavities. Improved output-per-capital through energy efficiency, easy operation, and a highly optimized process.

PET preform molding machines incorporate two-stage injection units with screw and plunger diameters from 85 to 140 mm. Reciprocating screw injection is available for lab/testing applications.

PET Brochure | Specifications

Post-mold cooling

  • Up to 6 cooling cycles in water-cooled tubes
  • Internal preform cooling on transfer pin
    • Energy consumption of 0.21 kWh/kg (machine)
    • 50% lower water consumption
    • Flow-balanced water circuit for better cooling
    • Preform exit temperature below 55 °C

The take-out robot and transfer station slide out of the way to allow ample mold access and provide space for post-mold tooling change.

A 192 cavity mold in a 300 metric ton machine to outperform 144 cavity molds in 500 metric ton machines

  • Standard opposing inline injection units
  • Able to simultaneously run two different preforms (or colors)
  • Simplified hot runner (off-the-shelf standard)
  • Floor space comparable to competitive 500 ton machines
  • Can be used as single-face machine

300 metric ton stack machine